Squares, circles and rectangles are shapes that are commonly seen in our daily lives. The common occurance of these shapes does not lead us to thinking that it is unique to any one entity. Squares, circles etc etc.

However, in graphic user interface design, the adoption of a shape forms a unique trait of an OS.

Windows Phone uses square tiles. Apple’s iOS uses roundrect. HP(what was HP-Palm) uses circles. Nokia has gone with squircles.

Imagine something rather trivial such as a shape becoming a unique identifier of an OS. This is merely the tip of the iceberg in the user interface design of an OS.

Clayton Miller, a graphic and interaction designer covered this topic on his blog. This post on Logicboard merely references his material.

He is also the creator of 10/GUI which is a rethink on the user interface paradigm on a desktop system. The video demonstration is worth a watch over a cuppa.

Thanks to ZOMGITSCJ for the post.