Apple released its latest desktop operating system, Mac OS 10.7 or better known as Lion , last month.

The prevailing thought out there was Apple has paid less attention to its Mac OS and has in turn, favoured its younger sibling, iOS.

In the “Back to Mac” event last autumn, Steve Jobs previewed Lion and it confirmed the iOS-sification of Mac OS. Numerous UI elements of Lion resembles iOS. Lion, being the last of the big cats, probably indicates the the Mac OS will is one step closer to merging with iOS. This will cement the vertical approach to a one, all encompassing OS that covers the iPod touch to the Mac desktop.

The first thing that marks a departure from “buy the OS DVD from retail stores and install” is the downloading of the entire OS from the new Mac App Store. There are plenty more subtle, but noticeable changes to the OS and is these are covered in tremendous detail in Ars Technica’s superlative review of OSX Lion.

I had a brief playtime with OSX Lion and I found that the OS is very touch centric and is an exceptional fit with the new MacBook Air. I had always question the use case of  MacBook Air but the new update makes sense as a device that strikes a balance between performance and portability, making the best ultraportable in the market.

2012 may bring about a more definitive reworking of the Mac line to fit in with Apple’s grand vision of “One OS to rule them all”.

The circle, is almost complete.

Read the review via this link.