As promised, the Nokia N9 has been officially launched in Malaysia today.

Apparently, Malaysia will be the first country to get the device when it is launched early October 2011, bringing it close to the purported iPhone 5 release time frame.

According to Soya Cincau:

Malaysian users are amongst the most sophisticated and demanding Nokia see Malaysia as a very important market for the success of the N9
 The price of this rather unique device(unsubsidized):
16GB device which comes with the option of 3 colours -RM1799 ( 431 euros)
64GB device which is only available in black                     – RM2088 (501 euros)
Nokia store has around a thousand applications specifically made for the N9.
This device, according to Nokia, will be the only MeeGo Harmattan device in their product portfolio.However, Nokia has pledged support for the device for a “good few years” to come.
Needless to say, I am looking forward to seeing this device in the flesh.