Apple has released an invite composed of four round-rect iOS icons with a caption that simply reads “Let’s talk iPhone”.

The world’s most popular smartphone is in much need of an update. Apple this year has moved away from its usual summer release cadence and has gone for an autumn release date, just in time for the holiday season. Apple’s iPod line were usually refreshed around this time.

There have been plenty of rumours on the interweb regarding this device. Of course, there was the “Apple lost its upcoming iPhone” story to spice the rumour mill. It appears Apple may  release two iPhones, one for the lower-mid tier market and another “premium device” which it has been doing all this while.

Apple appears set to take on the mid tier sector, shaking up the Android and Nokia stronghold. If this rumour is true, Apple is now ready to take its first steps into becoming a fully fledged mobile devices company.

The most significant factor in upcoming launch would be the complete absence of a certain Steve Jobs. This would be  Tim Cook’s first product launch as Apple’s official CEO. The latter, is good enough a reason to watch the product launch.

Steve Jobs has performed a the greatest turnaround of a company in modern day cooperate America. This feat alone is worth a chapter in any respectable business text book.

Well, the stage is set and the world at large awaits Apple’s latest iteration of its generation defining device.