Nokia announced a new update to its Symbian platform in a Hong Kong event.

In keeping with the feminine nomenclature used by Nokia, this latest update is called “Belle”. The version before this was called “Anna”

Three new devices running Symbian Belle was released  at the event. These phones have taken on the new naming conventions and are called the Nokia 600, 700 and 701 respectively.

All three phone have a 1Ghz chip and 512 MB of RAM. The later specifications are more than capable to run the already system efficient Symbian OS.

These devices have arrived on Malaysian shores and are priced very competitively and are aimed squarely at mid to low-tier market.

The Nokia 701 costs RM1230, the Nokia 700 costs RM1025 and the Nokia 600 costs RM740.These prices are SIM-free and in my opinion, offer good value for money.

All these devices come with  Near Field Communications on board.

I have not had the chance to toy with the Nokia 701 ( as I most curious above its “Brightest screen” claim) as this devices packs a wide range of features including its claim of having the “Brightest screen” out there.

Symbian is apparently is still alive and well.

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