The Nokia N9 , has begun shipping two days ago.

Nokia Blog has posted a video of Janne Elsilä, Senior Product Manager talking about the N9 from concept to production. He seemed quite relieved that the product that his team had worked on is finally getting out there to the retail outlets.

The Nokia N9 runs on the MeeGo OS which has been specifically customized by Nokia. Hence, the version of MeeGo on this device is referred to as MeeGo Harmattan.

MeeGo, in a separate IntelApp up conference has been terminated and has been been replaced by Tizen. This isn’t great timing for the release of the Nokia N9.

Nokia has clearly stated that this phone will be a once off for them. However, it is noted that Nokia will support this device up to year 2015.

This device proves that Nokia can produce great hardware and it needs to try its very best to pull in customers to fork out their hard earned cash to buy this device. has a commentary on the Nokia N9 which sums up the N9 conundrum and it puts things into perspective.

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