My wife, unlike myself, is more utilitarian and uses the phone for a singular purpose: to make phone calls.

As such, she has been using one particular phone for the past 5 years: the Nokia 6500.

She is a staunch believer in Nokia because one major factor: their legendary build quality.

The Nokia 6500 is by no means a robust appearing device. It is a design/fashion statement and one may assume that it would not be able to withstand the knocks and drops that a phone may be subjected to in its lifetime.

This could not be far from the truth.

This phone has been dropped many times over, and has been at the receiving end of some seriously damaging moments. The Nokia 6500 has endured it all.

The following images are the end result of the damages sustained at the end of its 5 year use cycle:

As you can clearly see, it ain’t a pretty sight.

However, despite this degree of damage, the phone could still function.

The 6500, however, had to be put to rest as the internal antenna had fallen off, forcing my wife to perform the burial rights for the 6500 prior to be cremated into the recycle bin.

The 6500 is probably in a better place now and it proves the Nokia can still make exceptionally robust machines.

I am not sure if an iPhone 4 or an Galaxy S2 could withstand a similar degree of trauma.

Credit to my wife , Ashreen Kaur for the pictures.