Apple did say the release to retail for the iPhone 4S will be their fastest rollout yet.

And yes, just a week after the announcement of the device, the initial reviews are in.

The reviews are from The Verge, Tech Crunch and The New York Post.

Overall, the reviews of the device are good to excellent. Critics are likely to say that these sites are partial to Apple products. Of course, the iPhone 4S is an incremental upgrade from the iPhone 4 in terms of physical design. However, the software and internal hardware has been given a significant upgrade. Of note is the inclusion of Siri, the intelligent Voice Personal Assistant feature. The latter is worthy of a separate post altogether.

Whatever one may have to say about Apple and the iPhone and the business model it represents, there is no denying that Apple is moving steadily ahead . And, there is something about the iPhone that defies logical explanation.

I asked my colleagues at work who are considering a new phone and all of them are going for the iPhone 4S. Moreover, the device has hit 1 million pre-orders within the first 24 hours of its release.

So, Apple still has a winner here.

How Apple keeps its ever increasing competitors at bay is perhaps the more interesting area to watch.