Image Source: Ars Technica

Apple announced the latest version 5 of iOS platform at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference months ago.

The biggest changes included an Android-esque notification center (lawsuit prone perhaps) and the introduction of iCloud( Apple’s version of cloud computing).

iOS is not too complex an operating system from a superficial aspect of things. Think about it, each “screen” is a 4 x 4 application grid. Apple introduced the concept of moving the applications into folders but that was about it. Compare this with the flexibility of Android, WebOS or even Symbian and iOS appears pale in comparison.

Of course, this interface is a choice made by Apple for ease of use by the average consumer. The iPhone remains the easiest smartphone to use out of the box. Apple is targeting the mass market and it is a business decision that has proven them right, several million times over.

iOS5 is now out and is available for download.

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