Apple had its customary first quarterly earnings calls and all is well in Cupertino.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to list out the facts

Here is the summary in bullet points:

  • The iTunes Store did $1.7b in revenue in the quarter, as it expanded throughout the world. Over 20m songs in the store. $120m worth of downloads in apps and music sold on December 25th alone.
  • 15.4 million iPods compared to 19.4 million a year ago. iPod touch was over half the sales, and iPod sales are a little ahead of where Apple thinks they would be.
  • iPhone handset and accessory sales accounted for $24.4b in revenue, up 133 percent.
  • 15.4m iPads sold in the December quarter, up 111 percent from 7.3m last year. $9.1b in iPad and iPad accessory sales, up 99 percent from last year.
  • More than 62m iOS devices sold in the quarter.
  • 37million iPhones we sold.

In essence, things are moving along quite nicely for the tech behemoth. Tim Cook managed to dodge the questions about LTE (lon term evolution) mobile standard and the impact of larger screen devices ( namely the Samsung Galaxt S2) on mobile tech.

Perhaps the most important hint from this earnings call was the impending gathering at Apple’s campus tomorrow . Traditionally, this is was the platform used by Steve Jobs to announce new gadgets.

So, it may be that the iPad3 will see its launch tomorrow.

Source: The Verge