Apple threw a surprising announcement today with the announcement of Mountain Lion- Mac OS 10.8.

This update brings together more iOS features into the Mac which includes iMessage, Gamecenter and Notification Center among other things. iCloud integration between devices is a given which closely integrates Apple products.

The focus on a unified ecosystem is something that Apple has been actively working towards in the last few years and OS 10.8 provides clear evidence of this.

Apple, love or loathe them, have created a truly viable ecosystem. The latter is something that most companies have realised later on in the game and are now playing catch-up.

Microsoft intends to do the same with the Windows 8- WIndows Phone ecosystem and the tech world is likely to see a sneak preview of this integration come the 29th of February.

The war of ecosystems is getting more interesting.

Source: The Verge , 9to5 Mac