I believe it was in the 2nd half of 2008 when I stumbled upon  Phones Show when scouring the interwebs for mobile phone reviews.

I was impressed by the quality of the presentation and content of the video podcast. It was everything a gadget enthusiast could ask for: A well edited, succinct review of a mobile device .

Make yourself a cuppa and watch the Phones Show as Steve Litchfield, its  architect and presenter, provides you the salient points of the device under his scrutiny!

Steve is someone who “Think(s)Different(ly)”. He is a firm believer in the power of a mobile device providing an all-in-one solution to the user. As proof, he uses his smartphone to film the Phones Show and I believe, does not own a separate digital camera device. The latter functionality has almost become the mainstay of most mobile phone users in this day and age.

He is fair and accurate in his assessment of devices. Getting a “thumbs up” from Steve is high praise indeed. He is a perfectionist through and through. I would know, as it took forty takes of my prerecorded mini-review of the Nokia N86 before it passed Steve’s exacting standards.

Steve’s fan base has grown and he has expanded The Phones Show to include its companion audio podcast , The Phones Show Chat ( co-hosted by the inimitable Tim Salmon) which provides an extended avenue for tech conversation.

He has an excellent smartphone grid that provides a suggestion of the smartphone best suited to your needs. This is just one example of his many noteworthy en devours.

The Phones Show and Phones Show Chat are advertisement free and Steve depends on subscriptions  to keep the show going. There is of course, no stopping someone from watching and listening to these shows for a song. That said, it would be a shame to see good work go unrewarded.

Please support Steve’s excellent work via this link.

The Shows must go on.